Bamboo sheet material is extremely suitable for making a desk, table or cabinet, for example. However, untreated board material is very sensitive to stains when something is spilled on it. Therefore, we always recommend to use our Bamboo Topcoat. This satin lacquer protects the bamboo and makes the colours shine. In addition, it gives a luxurious appearance. It protects against wear, stains and discolouration caused by the sun.

In this blog, we show the advantages of the topcoat in a test. We spill some lemonade on a treated and untreated panel. This way, you can see how the treated and untreated bamboo react to the moisture.

It was noticeable that the lemonade on the untreated plate soaked directly into the bamboo. On the treated plate, it stayed on the surface and could easily be wiped off with a cloth or sponge.



When trying to clean it, all you did was wipe the lemonade more over the board and this led to a complete change in complexion, as well as the stains. The boards were left to dry to take the after photos.

It shows well how the lacquer works when it comes to protection. Here 3 layers of topcoat were used. This should be left to dry for around 16 hours between coats. Sample material was used for the test. You can request samples of the different panels we sell. This can help if you are unsure about which plate to buy.


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