Bamboo comes in all sorts of colours and sizes. The bamboo we sell has the same colour as the one you receive, we do not change this. Only the black floorboards are thermally modified to achieve the darker colour. Natural bamboo has its colour differences. There are many different types of bamboo and they all have their look.

Guadua bamboo

Guadua bamboo is a super strong bamboo with a thicker wall. This bamboo has a natural beige colour. Guadua’s beige colour tends to be slightly greyish. The stem is matte in colour and has an open texture. This bamboo is the only species we get from South America. It grows in Colombia.

Tali bamboo

Tali is an Indonesian bamboo that falls into the natural or beige category but tends more towards a warm yellow. The tali can be recognised by the long pieces between the nodes and the matte appearance. You often see this bamboo in the bamboo screens as garden fencing, but our roller blinds are also made of tali bamboo.

Java black bamboo

The name says it all: this bamboo is black bamboo from the island of Java. This black bamboo is slightly more colourfast than the nigra. Nevertheless, some colour difference is always possible. The java grows to larger diameters. This makes it very suitable for black bamboo pergolas. It is also used in bamboo garden screens and our folding screens.

The colour difference in our bamboo is therefore always natural. Each species can consistently be recognised by unique characteristics such as the outer layer, colour tone and space between nodes.

Bamboo ages like any other natural product. Weather conditions and placement are important factors here. How much sun shines directly on your bamboo? This determines how quickly the bamboo fades. As you have read, some bamboos have a natural wax layer. These bamboo should not be treated with a stain right away. This is because of mould in combination with the wax layer. You can best treat the bamboo with a bamboo booster oil to give him a good start. The other bamboo can be treated directly with the UV protector. Treat your bamboo every year to ensure the colour. You can also give a weathered natural bamboo a slightly warmer colour by using our black renovator. This contains a small amount of pigment and gives a warm caramel colour to natural bamboo.



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