Our Process of making

Bamboo is a very important product that is taken as livelihood option for people who are solely forest-dependent in India. It is an important forest produce and takes a very significant stance in economic life of rural Madhya Pradesh. The right kind of Bamboo that is needed to make furniture is harvested. The gathered bamboo is treated to remove all the moisture content. The bamboo is dried well to make it durable. Depending on the orders of the clients the products are made mostly, the sizes of bamboo as required for to accomplish the product is cut and soaked in water and boiled with natural medicines.

This makes the bamboo unaffected from the contamination from pests, termite and the external triggers. The bamboo is completely dried before use. The bamboo is segregated initially according to the products that are going to be made. They are cut to the required sizes with the help of bamboo sawing machine. The cut bamboo sticks are arranged to the products that have to be made. The products are always made depending on the clients’ orders, in case of a stool – bamboo is cut respectively to four sets to make the legs and eights sets of smaller lengths to connect the legs horizontally to get a firm hold of the four legs of the stool.

A stool is something similar to that of the chair but doesn’t hold a backrest. It is a seat for single person without any armrest or backrest. Variety of stools with three, four and five legs can also made as per the design requirements. The four set of bamboo sticks are drilled with hole and made hollow at the ends to fix another set of bamboo sticks horizontally. The edges of the smaller length bamboo are sharpened to fix to the hollow area made on the longer one. Four sets on top and four sets below hold the legs firm to make a stool. The lock sections of the stool are also nailed to ensure the toughness. A seat is placed on top and this brings the clear form a stool. The stool can be further added with accessories and polished with lacquer or wood polish to give a glossy effect that also acts as the protective layer. Variety of attractive and creative stools can also be made out of bamboo, as they are flexible and supports in achieving the designs.