People like to make music: in traditional ceremonies, or just for the atmosphere and fun. This has been done for thousands of years, all over the world. When making instruments, a hollow bamboo pole is an obvious base for a flute. With the wide distribution of bamboo in the southern hemisphere, it is not surprising that bamboo flutes can be found in all sorts of cultures. This ancient instrument can be found in many forms. In China, for example, there is even a word that literally means bamboo flute: zhudi. At Bamboo Import Europe, we regularly meet people who make flutes from bamboo. As we know, the list of all possible names and variations is very long. So in this blog, we will cover a selection of bamboo flutes from around the world. Do you make a bamboo flute yourself? Let us know about it!

The Indian Bansuri

The Bansuri is a flute from India and is often heard in classical Indian music. Yet you can also play modern, Western music. You see the Bansuri flute back in drawings, paintings and statues of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain temples. Especially the Hindu god Krishna is often seen with a Bansuri flute.


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